Cowboy Action Shooting Aftermarket Gun Parts Slix Springs

SliXprings Products

Hammer Spring  (SliXpring Main)  Fits 1873 Rifles Only - Made by Uberti

Lever Springs  (SliXprings)  Fits 1860, 1866 & 1873 Rifles Only - Made by Uberti

Firing Pin  (SliX-Pin)  Fits 1860, 1866 & 1873 Rifles Only

Firing Pin  (SliX-Pin TTN)  Fits 1878 TTN Shotguns

Loading Lever Assist Handle (SliX-Hand) For Cap & Ball Revolvers

Cap & Ball Nipples  (SliX-Shot)  For Cap & Ball Revolvers

Nipple Wrench & Screwdriver  (SliX-Driver)  Fits Most Gun Screws 

Pistol Case  (SliX-Sok)  Stores 2 Pistols securely

Top Lever Spring  (SliXpring-TTN)  For 1878 TTN Shotguns 

Front Sight Beads  (SliX-Beads)  For Rifle and Shotguns

Loading Ram  (SliX-Ram)  For use with Ruger Old Army Revolvers

Trigger Upgrade (SliX-Trigger)  For use in Uberti 1873 Rifles ONLY

Scraper (SliX-Scraper)  For cleaning out .357, .44 and .45 chambers and cylinders

Magazine Cap Screw (SliX-Cap)  For Uberti Rifles and Carbines

Shotshell Sizer (SliX-Sizer)

Shotshell Case Gauge  (SliX-Checker)

Shotshell Sizer/Checker  (SliX-Combo Sizer/Checker)

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