SliXprings Firing Pin

SliXprings Firing Pin

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Tired of those intermittent misfires? 
This is a newly designed and alloyed firing pin and spring set that replaces those worn, short or broken firing pins. The design incorporates an engineered radiused shoulder that all but eliminates those broken pins we have all had, or seen, in the past. In addition, the alloy used in the manufacture is the same as used to meet the MIL-SPEC requirements for the M-16 and after market AR-15’s. Slixprings further treats the finished pin with the same heat-treating to nearly the same MIL-SPEC tolerances for smoother, more reliable and longer lasting operation.
Because there are so many different pressures, tolerances and dimensions between bolts, actions and tune-up styles the firing pin itself is manufactured with extra length in both the shoulder and the pin extension so the installer/tuner can balance the smoother lighter hammer fall to get the proper primer contact for positive firing every time.
The manufacturers want to clearly point out that if you have little or no idea how these pins are supposed to fit and work, get help or find someone who does know how to install them. Due to all the variations in machining tolerances on the different rifles this is not a “one-size-fits-all-perfectly” drop-in set. It may/will take some individual fitting. 
The set comes with the firing pin and a replacement balanced return spring.
The set is designed only for the competent installer to fit and finely tune.
For use in Winchester (Uberti Clone) 1860 Henry, 1866 and 1873 Rifles
Slixprings Firing Pin for the Uberti 1860, 1866 and 1873 Rifles

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SliXprings Firing Pin for Uberti Model 73 rifle
B&S Gunsmithing - 04/13/2024
I was replacing the "original" SliXprings firing pin that was from a noted "custom" gunsmith. On examination of the replacement I really expected the juncture of the pin itself to the "head" to have a more pronounced radius (larger)to eliminate the sharp edge stress concentration corner. This is exactly where the firing pin broke. This rifle was purchased used, evidently the original owner dryfired the rifle frequently.
Firing pin
Wickedjuan - 10/25/2023
I recommend this for all Italian 73's. Excellent quality
Great product.
Dutch - 06/13/2023
Replaced the original factory firing pin and spring after nearly 20 years of shooting. I was getting the occasional misfire even on Federal primers. Haven't had a misfire since installing the Slixspring pin and even shot some Fiochi factory ammo with no problem.
WILL - 04/16/2023
Excellent Firing Pin
Steve P - 02/17/2022
This firing pin works great in my Uberti 1873 rifle. I had no issues installing it and needed no adjustments. I was able to open up the gun, slip out the old firing pin and drop this one in. This has a much stronger feel than factory. The pin is a little longer than factory giving it a more positive primer hit. Recommend this if you shoot fast and often.
Firing Pin
Mike - 04/25/2020
No issues. Great part.

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