SliXshot Black Powder Nipples
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SliXshot Black Powder Nipples

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SliXshot Nipples give Better Ignition and Reliability in your Percussion Revolvers

New SliXshot black powder nipples are made from 416 stainless steel and designed to increase ignition performance and reliability. Nipples have an enlarged chamber leading to the flash hole, allowing for a hotter spark. Stainless construction prevents rust corrosion.  Slixshot nipples are heated treated to Rockwell 34-42 hardness for longer life.

SliXshot Nipples work with the following Caps (Standard or Magnum)

  • Remington #10
  • CCI #11
  • Winchester #11
  • RWS 1075

SliXshot Nipples fit the following caliber revolvers

  • 36 Caliber
  • 44 Caliber
  • 45 Caliber

SliXshot Nipples work on the following Models

  • 1851 thru 1861 (Replica, Original Colt or 2nd Gen Colt)
  • 1862 Dance by Pietta
  • 1873 Cattleman by Uberti
  • Walker & Dragoon by Uberti
  • LeMat by Pietta
  • Ruger Old Army
  • 1851 Spiller and Burr by Pietta
  • 1858 Remington
  • Euroarms Rogers & Spencer
  • Euroarms (1851 thru 1860)

Remove those stubborn factory nipples with our high quality SliX-Wrench nipple wrench
SliX Wrench for removing and installing Slixshot nipples

Compliment your upgrade with our SliX-Hand loading assist lever
SliX Hand Lever Assist for Reloading Black Powder Revolvers

Thread size and pitch

  • Uberti: 12-28 x .200" threads (Replica, Original Colt or 2nd Gen Colt)
  • Ruger Old Army (ROA): 12-28 x .250" threads
  • Pietta: 6mm x .75mm x .200" threads
  • Walker & Dragoon: by Uberti  1/4" x 28 x .215" threads
  • LeMat by Pietta: 10 Total: 9 Revolver plus 1 Shotgun: 6mm x .75mm x .200" threads
  • Will NOT work on 5 shot Pocket Revolvers  (Sold Separately)
  • SOLD PER 6
  • LeMat SOLD PER 10

Uberti, Pietta and Ruger Revolver Nipples are $39.00 per set.

Walker/Dragoon Nipples are $46.00 per set.

LeMat Nipples are $65.00 per set.

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839 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Show All)
Great product
Frank reinhardt - 02/29/2024
Will do business again fast shipping works flawless
Best upgrade for blackpowder 6 shooters
Ryan R - 02/29/2024
The slixshot nipples greatly reduced the jamming I used to get from pieces of percussion cap after firing. Now I rarely have an issue. This product is Worth every penny. Makes shooting much more enjoyable.
Best BP Nipples on the Market
West By God - 02/29/2024
These nipples are perfect for my Pieta 1858 Remington new army. Fast shipping and excellent customer service is an added plus.
Better made
Armand - 02/27/2024
I bought the Slixpings nipples for a better fit and design the Italian nipples don't fit CCI or Remington percussion caps very good.
Worked Good
Richard Chafee - 02/26/2024
Worked good on my older model and allowed that I could use both Remington #10 caps and CCI #11!
easy installation
TPM - 02/24/2024
Easy to install, great customer service, and product selection
Slixshot on 1851 navy &1858 rem
David - 02/23/2024
I put slix shot nipples on my navy and on my remingtom (pietta's). I loaded and test fired the navy and while I hade no cap jams I did notice the it was hard to cock,like some thing was dragging. Hopefully this is an issue that can be corrected bu using different caps. I haven't test fired the remington but I did load it and it seems to function fine.
Precision made!!
Jon V - 02/21/2024
I have heard about these for years and finally decided to give them a try for two revolvers I have. I'll be getting more for other revolvers I have in the future!
Modified cones
Stonebear - 02/21/2024
I have purchased Slixshot replacement nipples for several versions of my Pietta replica pistols and for both of my Uberti 1849 pocket pistols. It appears to me that the Slixshot have been engineered to accept #11 CCI percussion caps, which are the only size cap I can find these days. There is no longer an issue with caps falling off the nipples after seating on any of the pistols that I have installed Slixshot nipples on. The "cap sucking" problem has been rectified by modification of the hammer face, and is not connected to the problem of loose fitting caps that the new Slixshot nipples has cured.
I’ve ordered three sets for my three black powder revolvers
Wes Harden - 02/20/2024
The slixshot is a huge improvement over the nipples/cones that come stock on the revolvers. No jams ever for me. Stainless steel so no rust issues. Larger diameter opening to get spark to the powder gives a sure ignition.

The spent caps stuff off on rotation preventing any jams. Good purchase to give you better shooting performance.
Works great
Wayne - 02/19/2024
Ordered a set and did not fit. they were very helpful to get the right size. Great service.
Great Black powder nipples,
Larry - 02/17/2024
These are great they fit, caps stay on would buy them again

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SliX Hand
SliX Hand - $29.00

A must have extension handle for loading black powder revolvers

SliX Wrench
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