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How safe is my online transaction?
Rest assured we are fully PCI Compliant.  We take your security very seriously.  We are always up to date with the latest security features and our website is tested regularly per PCI standards.  We are proud to receive an A+ rating through the Qualys SSL testing lab.

Can you ship Internationally? Yes... through the Dealer listed below.

✭ Attention International Customers ✭
To order products and ship outside the USA
Contact: Garson Chen
Director of International Sales
Graf & Sons, Inc
(573) 581-2266 Ext #110

Are the prices on your website current?
Yes they are always up to date.

Are your products in stock?
Yes... most of our items are regularly in stock but once in a great while something might not be.  If that happens you will see the "Notify when in Stock" button.

Can I change my order after I place it?

Yes. We will be happy to assist you in adding or correcting an existing order prior to shipment.

Do you offer Veteran / Military / First Responder and Law Enforcement Discounts?
Yes.  Please Contact Us Here and provide verification. (i.e.. photo copy of ID or DD Form 214, less SS#)
You will also need to create a login profile, if have not already done so, as that is how we apply the discount.
Create New Account

Can I pay by check or money order?
Yes, Please call us with your order.

Can I view what products I ordered in the past?
Yes, you will have to create an account first. Then when you login look under Order Management and all your prior orders will be listed.

Do you accept PayPal?
No... but we accept all major credit cards instead.

When do you charge my credit card?
Your card is automatically charged when your order is placed. The secure transaction is performed between our bank and yours. We do not see your credit card number nor do we store it.


What size of caps work best with Slixshot Nipples?
We recommend the following:
Remington #10
CCI #11
Winchester #11
RWS #1075

Can I get these nipples in #11?
Our nipples come in one size with the recommened use of caps listed above.

Will I have to pinch the caps to keep them on the nipple?
No... as long as you use the recommended caps

What is the purpose of the side vents on the nipples?
This relieves back pressure after the cap is fired to help prevent it from blowing back into the hammer and dropping down in the action.  It also enables the spent cap to come off the nipple easier after use.

Are the Slixshot nipples different between a .36 caliber and a .44 caliber revolver?
No... they are not caliber specific.

Is there a difference in nipples between an 1851 or an 1860 model?

Will your Nipples (cones) fit an Armi San Marco (ASM) or an Armi San Paolo (ASP)?
Yes... Most of them used standard SAE 12-28 threads.  If that is your case then you'll want the "Uberti" version of our nipples.

I have an original Colt.  What nipples do I need?
Original Colts used SAE threads so you'll want the "Uberti" version of our nipples.

I don't know what thread is on my revolvers nipples.  How do I determine that?
The easiest way is to remove one and take it to your local hardware store and see what size nut threads on to it.
12-28 nut = "Uberti" Slixshot nipple
6mm x .75mm nut = "Pietta" Slixshot nipple

I have a newer reproduction black powder revolver.  What nipples do I need?
If it is a Pietta model then order the Pietta nipples
If it is a Uberti model then order the Uberti nipples

I bought a set of nipples for an older Uberti 1861 and they are too long.  Do you have any that are shorter?
Yes... We have found that some older BP revolvers used shorter nipples.  If that is the case then please contact us if what you ordered won't work and we'll exchange them for the shorter ones. These are actually the Pocket Revolver Nipples.  Please note that there is no way for us to know this before you order.

Will your nipples work on a snub nose Sheriff's model?

Will your nipples (cones) work on a Uberti 1873 Cattleman?

Will your nipples (cones) fit my Pietta 1851 Navy Spiller and Burr Revolver?

Do you have nipples (cones) that fit pocket revolvers?

Yes... you can find them here.


Can you ship Internationally? Yes... through the Dealer listed below.

✭ Attention International Customers ✭
To order products and ship outside the USA
Contact: Garson Chen
Director of International Sales
Graf & Sons, Inc
(573) 581-2266 Ext #110

How much do you charge for shipping?
Shipping costs are calculated when you place your items in your cart.

How long does it take to process my order?
We do our best to process your order in 1-5 days.  In rare occasions your shipment may take longer to process if we are on vacation which will be clearly stated on the cart page.

How long does it take for me to get my order?
On average delivery takes between 3-7 days once your order leaves here.

Can I return an item I ordered incorrectly?
Yes, please Contact Us for a return authorization number. You will be responsible for the shipping costs.  We also charge a 15% restocking fee.

What do I do if my order is lost, damaged or items missing when I receive it?
Call us immediately. Take pictures of the damage and the shipping label and email them to us. Keep the damaged mail item in its entirety. We file the claim. We will then get your replacement order out ASAP.

Can I get a Tracking number on my order?
Yes, We email out a tracking number when we create your shipping label. Some of those get Spammed. We also place the tracking number in your account details. If you created an account all you have to do is login to view it.  You can also view your order status from this link.  View Order Status


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