The History of SliXprings

Pronounced "Slick Springs"

Making Black Powder Great Again

SliXprings is a joint partnership dedicated to the discovery, design, development, production and marketing of aftermarket parts and systems to enhance the technology and comfort of firearms and their related accessories used by the Black Powder Enthusiast and Cowboy Action Shooting community. SliXprings was initially formed in 2006 by Ol’ #4, SASS 41004L, and Tillamook Kidd, SASS 65274, to market a replacement and far more effective set of side lever springs for Winchester 1860, 1866 and 1873 rifles that had been designed by Ol’ #4. They marketed the spring sets under the name of "SliXpring Lever Springs" and began sales in March of 2008.

 Slixprings Lever Springs for the Uberti Rifle

Also in 2008 they designed and tested a replacement single piece firing pin that was longer and made of a stronger, more dependable metallurgy, than original parts. This firing pin was marketed under the name of "SliX-Pin".  Neither of these parts, or any of the others are advertised as absolute “drop-in’ replacements. Every firearm dimension and clearance for which they were designed varies way too much. Therefore everything that's produced may require fitting for proper results.

 Slixprings firing pin for the Uberti rifle

Later in 2008 they initiated research and development of a revolutionary main spring system that provided faster “lock-time” and more dependable primer ignition. At this time a third partner, Big Iron Buster, SASS 9361L, joined the company and with his time and investment, final design, prototyping and manufacturing began in earnest. At this time the partners incorporated as TK4B Enterprises, LLC (TK4B). The ‘TK’ representing Tillamook Kidd, the ‘4’ representing Ol’ #4, and the ‘B’ representing Big Iron Buster. In June of 2008 TK passed away from a blood clot, so the company was then run by Big Iron Buster and Ol’ #4.

Spring of 2009 saw the final testing and analysis of the new "SliXpring-Main" proving the system was viable and met the standards for faster, smoother and more a dependable main spring system and was then introduced to the market through the SASS Cowboy Chronicle.

  Slixprings main hammer spring for the Uberti 1866 and 1873 rifle

In 2010 Ol’ #4 decided to turn his shooting style to the Frontiersman category and quickly found that loading 5-1/2” 1860 Colt’s was a palm gouging experience and so he developed a loading lever assist handle. It's machined from aircraft aluminum and designed to fit most popular cap & ball revolvers including a recent upgrade (August 2022) to fit the pocket models.  The loading lever helper was named the "SliX-Hand".

  Slixprings loading lever assist for black powder revolvers

Also during 2010 while shooting Frontiersman Ol’ #4 experienced several conditions that he thought he could improve upon. Namely inconsistent cap ignition, errant cap removal, premature nipple degeneration, cap blow-back and heavy hammer tension. After several months of testing and development a new nipple was produced and went on the market as the "SliX-Shot Nipple" in 2011.

  Slixprings black powder nipples for cap and ball revolvers

With the success of the 1878 “TTN” side by side shotgun in Classic cowboy category in 2012 they designed a replacement spring for the top lever on the popular TTN Shotguns called the "SliXprings-TTN". Then followed up with a coil/torsion replacement spring "SliXprings TTN Sear Springs" for the sear bars along with longer more durable firing pins "Slixprings Firing Pin" in the TTN’s.

  Slixprings firing pins for the TTN double barrel shotgun Slixprings top lever spring for the TTN double barrel shotgun Slixprings sear springs for the TTN double barrel shotgun

An additional item for 2012 was the new style pistol case that carries a pair of pistols and provides some unusual opportunities for the traveling shooter. This item is called the "SliX-Sok". It carries two (2) pistols in a thinly padded, hook & eye closure seamed case that allows up to three cases or six pistols to fit into a USPS large Flat-Rate box to be mailed to ones-self anywhere in the USA. It also hangs nicely on any convenient hook and a gun cart.

  Slixprings pistol case for protecting and trasporting handguns

Following the success if the “SliX-Shot” nipples for Ruger Old Army’s, Remington 1858 and Colt style percussion pistols they attended to the many requests for a nipple that would fit the Uberti Dragoon and Walker model pistols. Final testing and market availability was achieved in the fall of 2014. They became available soon after testing. 

The next specialized product to hit the mainstream market was the "SliX-Ram". This is a drop-in extended loading ram for the Ruger Old Army. It's added length allows for the shooter to load the cylinders, while in the frame, with a reduced powder charge without needing to use any additional spacer between the ram face and the “ball” yet still seat it firmly against the lighter powder charge. No filler, No hassle, lighter charge, reduced recoil and more economical shooting!! It went on the available list at dealers in 2015.

Slixprings ruger old army shortened loading ram for reduced loads

In early 2015, while at the SASS convention in San Antonio, Texas, several shooters and gunsmiths approached them with the idea of producing larger sight beads. After a preliminary market analysis it was indeed discovered that a full line of easily replaceable larger beads was not available. Working feverishly with one of our manufacturers initial design and testing for a variety of beads was completed within three weeks of returning. The result was a set of two different replaceable inserts for Marbles and Williams front rifle sights and two larger shotgun beads. The products are collectively called "SliX-Beads Shotgun"  and "Slix-Beads Rifle".  The bead sizes for rifles are .150", .175" and .190".  The shotgun beads are .190” and .220” in diameter. They became available after Winter Range 2015.

  Slixprings improved shotgun front sight beads for better target aquisitionSlixprings improved rifle front sight beads for better target aquisition

Also during the Fall of 2015 a shooter brought them the situation of “ejecta” collecting in the front of .357 caliber chambers when using .38 Special length brass. This condition resulted in the rifle not chambering a different bullet design and hard chambering of other bullets with any different ogive. A remarkably short review resulted in seeing nothing reasonably available to correct the condition. So quick planning and several brain-storm sessions got us to the design for a “Chamber Scraper” that would work for both rifle and pistol chambers. Needless to say, our "SliX-Scraper" has been well received.  The product line was expanded to also work with 327 Federal Magnum (Available early 2023), 10MM, 44 Magnum and 45 Colt along with the original .357 Magnum.

  Slixprings scraper for cleaning out carbon and lead in revolver cylinders and rifle chambers

During EOT that year they heard several conversations about straight triggers. After some research and later discussions with some SASS RO/Rules committee members, they started prototyping several designs. After EOT 2016 they had a working sample that appealed to many shooters who tried it. Thus the origins of the "SliX-Trigger" and the results have been most positive both in terms of ease and efficiency of shooting and significant reduction of the famous “73 Finger” and subsequent bleeding on the rifle.

  Slixprings improved trigger for the 1873 Uberti rifle

Although their next product didn’t exactly fit the goal of improving something, it did have a measure of efficiency for re-installing a magazine spring that had been cut to reduce tension. The beautiful shiny brass "SliX-Cap", though not necessarily a competitive enhancement, most certainly contributes to the decorative quality of any rifle.

  Slixprings brass magazine cap screw for the 1866 and 1873 Uberti rifles

Our 2018 offering for new a product did not come from our fertile, creative minds, nor a direct challenge from a neighboring shooter. Rather it was the idea of another Cowboy shooter who was willing to allow us to take the design from manufacturing to a wider, larger market. After any initial use any shooter, especially SxS users, will readily appreciate the benefits of the "SliX-Sizer-Combo" as it re-forms the nose of 12 GA shot shells and eliminates the distortion that can lead to either stuck or reticent fired hulls.

  Slixprings shotgun shell tool for inspecting and reforming the nose of the shell

In May of 2020 SliXprings sold their business to Reagan Enterprises, LLC located in Lebanon, Oregon. After many years of hard work and dedication they decided to hang it up and spend more time enjoying the sport they love.  Reagan Enterprises, owned by Patrick and Michelle Reagan, aka Mid Valley Drifter and Buckshot Shell-E, kept Ol' #4 and Big Iron Buster on as Distributors, Marketers and Consultants and more importantly as Friends.

Immediately after the purchase they introduced the "Slix-Wrench".  It's made from hardened steel and designed to remove those stubborn nipples on cap and ball revolvers.  It has become a very popular product.

  Slixprings improved nipple wrench to remove and install nipples in black powder revolvers

Then in October of 2020 the "Pocket Nipples" were introduced for the .31 and .36 caliber 5 shot pocket revolvers.

  Slixprings pocket pistol black powder nipples

Today they are still trying to dream up new parts, pieces and components that will further enhance the shooting pleasure, convenience, durability and efficiency of the Black Powder Enthusiast and Cowboy Action Shooting community.

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