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SliX Wrench

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A must have high quality Black Powder Nipple Wrench

  • Fits ALL SliXshot nipples SliXshot Nipples (Sold Separately)
  • Fits Factory Replica revolver nipples including Original Colts, ASM models and most Walker/Dragoon
  • Fits ALL Pocket Revolver nipples
  • Will NOT work on Factory Ruger Old Army (ROA) nipples. (Original ROA nipples require 3/16" nut driver)
  • Tee shaped handle provides for positive grip and pressure
  • Made from 41L40 steel
  • Heat treated to Rockwell 48-52 hardness
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SliX Wrench black powder nipple wrench

Black Powder Nipple Wrench

Black Powder Nipple Wrench for SliXShot Nipples

258 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Show All)
SliX wrench
5-15-24 - 05/15/2024
Works 10x better than the other brand I had. Much harder steel. I did return the other brand.
Slix Nipple Wench
Dennis Lehfeldt - 05/15/2024
This Wench is the best I have ever used
Robert Johnson - 05/12/2024
The Slix wrench is much better than the Traditions wrench. It did loosen nopples that the Traditions couldn't. It works well on my Pietta 1858 Remington 44 cal. I couldn't loosen nipples on a spare cylinder. It fit well, but I wasn't strong enough to turn the wrench.
Great tool
Mike M - 05/07/2024
Purchased the slix wrench to replace a standard type nipple wrench I had gotten for a new, never fired 1858 nma that trashed on very first use. The slix wrench worked great like they all should. Seems slix springs knows what they are doing in the nipple wrench department. Think I’ll try the replacement nipples next. Thanks slix springs
Great tool
Robert Fauntleroy - 05/01/2024
I changed the nipples in my Ruger Old Army over to the Slixprings nipples for OA great fit.
Great quality
Gary - 04/26/2024
This is a much improved wrench over others I have owned. Fits correctly and even removed some stuck nipples that were corroded in. Probably the last wrench I will ever need.
Easy on and off
G Ferguson - 04/21/2024
A great wrench for the tight nipples, good strong construction, easily loosened sum stuck nipples on my 44. Fast shipping and adequate packing.
Nipple wrench
Brad Simmerman - 04/21/2024
Great tool. No problem removing any nipples from any revolver. Would not hesitate to buy again! Highly recommend this company!
nipple wrench
Ditstwo (at) - 04/15/2024
Strong...great spare...
SliXprings wrench
John Duffant - 04/14/2024
Everything they make is absolutely top notch. I use their SS nipples on Remington pistol, and long guns.
Tom - 04/14/2024
Great nipple wrench work’s easy when removing stuck nipples.
Worked great 👍
Gary K Robertson - 04/11/2024
I bought the wrench with a set of Slixprings for my Uberti 44cal Dragoon. Best nipple wrench I own. I've bought others and don't even compare to the quality of this wrench. Will fit a nipples on a variety of revolvers, my Uberti Dragoon and Pietta New Army. The other wrench I bought for the Dragoon won't fit around my Pietta nipples. Strong, good quality and perfect length.

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SliXshot Black Powder Nipples

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SliXshot Pocket Pistol Nipples

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