SliX Shotshell Checker Sizer Combo

SliX Shotshell Checker Sizer Combo

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A simple tool to check and re-size 12 Gauge shotgun shells

  • One end checks reloaded shotgun shells to precise SAAMI 3" specifications
  • The other end easily re-sizes the shotshell if needed
  • Dramatically reduces ejection problems in SxS shotguns
  • Aids feeding of shells in pump or lever shotguns 
  • Made from high quality aircraft aluminum
  • Simple to use shot shell case gauge and sizer. Just drop the loaded shell into the rimmed end and let it fall.  Good ammo will easily slide in AND out.  If not then simply re-size the hull on the other end and check again.
  • Re-sizing simply requires the shell to be inserted about a 1/4" into the knurled end while twisting and applying light pressure
  • The re-sizing end tightens the crimp points that tend to unfold with used hulls.  Does NOT remove material or increase case pressure.
  • 12 Gauge Only
  • Use prior to loading shells in belt before each shooting stage

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Slix Shotshell Checker Sizer Combo

SliX-Checker shotgun hull showing a properly sized shell

Properly sized shotgun shell easily slides into SliX-Checker-Sizer

SliX-Checker with oversized shotgun shell

Improperly sized shotgun shell does not fit

SliX-Checker Sizer Combo resizing a shotgun shell

67 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Show All)
Combo shell checker and sizer
Catmanmo2 (at) - 04/22/2024
Simplistic solution to sloppy shotshell sizing solved now invent something that will ease the pain in aging wrists after doing 200 plus shells in one sitting!
Great tool
Windy City Kid - 02/05/2024
Does exactly what it’s designed for
Shotshell Heaven!
Pauly Two Toes - 12/19/2023
I've seen other more experienced cowpokes using this tool and knew I needed to have one! It works better than advertised. You will not be disappointed with this tool. It is perfect for Cowboy Action Shooting or any other 12 ga. endeavor!
Must Have for Matches!
Hayfever - 12/08/2023
This is a nice tool at a match to double-check your shotshells. If they aren't perfect drop them in twist them and test again! The whole family uses it!
shotshell checker works as advertised!
Randy - 11/21/2023
This tool checks shotshells BEFORE a match to ensure that shells will chamber. The other end acts as a tool to "tighten up" the shell's crimp and get the shell back to factory size. Works!!
Shotshell checker sizer
Backhand Bill - 10/24/2023
Works great for checking your shells to make sure they easily fall into chambers for my side by side. A necessity for cowboy action in my opinion. Easy to use to check and resize. Highly recommend.
Works great for Cowboy Action
Mud Creek Mike - 10/15/2023
I even use it on factory shells just to make sure they come out easier.
Every Cowboy Shooter Needs This
H.H.Huckleberry - 09/30/2023
This was everything that I hoped it would be. My loader does an excellent job but this device put the finishing touch on your shells. If you shoot any shotgun in competition you need this item. There is nothing worse having a stuck shotgun shell when you have a great run going. Buy it PERIOD!!!
Solid product
Zeke T - 09/18/2023
Works well, couldn't ask for more.
Fantastic checker
Boardwalk - 09/16/2023
Works great. I really appreciate the quality. You can size and check shells quickly.
Really helps with reloads!
Slow Gin Ricky - 09/05/2023
I use this as a chamber checker on each reloaded shotshell! Works great!
SliX Shotshell Checker Sizer Combo
J Schnell - 08/15/2023
Outstanding Combo. Works fantastic! If it passes the checker, it passes the test!

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