SliX Hand

SliX Hand

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A must have extension handle that makes loading black powder revolvers much easier

  • No more gouged palms
  • Gives extra leverage
  • Machined from solid aircraft aluminum
  • Designed to fit both Narrow and Wide loading lever ribs
  • Shallow channel designed to fit Pocket Revovers
  • Fits Most but not all revolvers (Can easily be modified to fit yours)
  • Not designed for Walker or Dragoon models

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SliX-Hand Loading Lever for Black Powder Revolvers

SliX-Hand Lever

Slix Hand on Snub Nose Revolver Side View

Slix-Hand easily slides over 44 Caliber Snub Nose Revolver loading lever

Slix Hand on Snub Nose Revolver Angle View

Slix Hand on Snub Nose Revolver Bottom View

85 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.8 / 5 (Show All)
You need this product
Scott Swingley - 04/24/2024
After purchasing the SliX Hand, I realized I should have done so much sooner. This handy little device has taken the pain away from loading short barreled percussion revolvers. You can seat bullets with ease even from the smallest guns. The 1849 Pocket pistol is a breeze.
JBA - 04/20/2024
Quick service. Great product, really helped seating conicals on Ruger Old Army, especially with longer shooting sessions.
Good product!
Keith Bayless - 04/15/2024
This makes it much easier for me to load my Sheriff model percussion revolver and not so hard on my hands.
Slix Hand
William H Muench - 04/15/2024
A must have to ease loading.
Slix Hand
J. Herrin - 04/13/2024
I am Very Pleased with this Product. It is so much easier to load My Percussion Revolvers. It gives Perfect Leverage, and is easier on the hand. I have a loading press as well, but the Slix Hand is actually easier to use. I Highly Recommend the Slix Hand.
A must have if you have a short loading ram.
BQ - 04/10/2024
Very well made and fits several of the revolvers. Makes it easy to load.
very useful tool
robert l brown - 04/07/2024
saves your hand from short lever syndrome.
It works
MJA - 03/18/2024
I use it on my sheriff's model 1851. Makes disassembly easy
Six Hand, you need one
Larry - 02/17/2024
This helps me with my BP Revolvers. I am 60 yrs old and have rheumatoid arthritis. hard time loading my revolvers but with this it makes a lot easier. Very helpful.
Excellent Product
Alan Lentz - 01/28/2024
Needed for short loading handles such as the one on my 1860 Colt with 5 1/2" barrel.
Great tool!
Flaco Joe - 12/27/2023
Works great for shorter loading levers in particular.
Andrew Smith - 12/09/2023
very useful item and saves my hand from harm

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