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SliXprings Scraper

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One Tool to Clean and Restore 327 Federal Magnum, 10mm Auto, 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum and 45 Colt Chambers

  • Safely removes carbon and lead that collects in chambers and cylinders of 327 Federal Magnum, 10mm Auto, 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum  and 45 Colt revolvers and rifles when using shorter cartridges
  • Significantly reduces throat erosion
  • Restores cylinders and chambers to SAAMI specifications
  • Fits standard 8-32 cleaning rods
  • Easy breech access to clean rifle chambers
  • No impact on present chamber dimensions
  • Easy to use

Installation Instructions

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24 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Show All)
Peter - 02/10/2024
Great idea and well executed.
I shoot .357/.38 Special and .44mag and .44 special a lot, ant these scapers help me keep the cylinders clean so I can switch rounds easily.
Great customer service.
Works as advertised
Tim Perkins - 02/09/2024
I keep my guns clean anyway, and none of them had much carbon build up from shooting .38s in .357s or .44 Specials in Magnum, but if you do I think these little tools would work slick as a ribbon. I tried them in my revolvers, and they got a little crud out, but like I said, mine were clean to begin with, I just bought these for insurance.
.357 mag & .44 mag chamber cleaners
Ronald Folger Folger - 01/21/2024
I had buildup in my respective cylinder chambers from buildup caused by shooting .38 spl and .44 spl. The reamers worked well in removing built up carbon deposits.
Simple to Use - Effective
RDL - 09/18/2023
Bought one in 38/357 as that is caliber that causes me most problems. This beats the devil out of using a 357 case with excess bell to get the crud out. Seems to get out over 90% of any carbon buildup in a few seconds.
Just what I was looking for
RJ Peddler - 08/27/2023
I had Pacific Tool and Die make me a carbon scraper which cost three times as much because it wasn’t something they usually made. The slixpring carbon scraper works great and is small enough to use on a ‘73 with out taking it down.
Tall John - 07/03/2023
Works as advertised. Would help if user instructions came with.

Reply from Slixprings:

The Scraper has downloadable instructions clearly listed in the Description box on the product page. Basic instructions are also listed on the back of the package the tool came in.

Great product
MMAtchKid - 02/27/2023
Great unit. A few turns and chambers are back to accepting 357 like new.
Great tools
Mustang Gregg - 11/04/2022
I have a pair of each chamber size (in .38, .44, .45 calibers) for our CAS revolvers and rifles.
They do a super job of clean up of the hard debris left from firing short rounds used in long chambers
I even modified some on the head ends with threads for driver handles.
I recommend them!
Great tools
Mustang Gregg - 07/04/2022
I've been using them for 3 or 4 years.
I also sell a few in my gun shop.
Great product!
Eric Knight - 05/15/2022
Due to the very high price of .357 ammo lately I find myself shooting much more .38 Special in my magnum revolvers. This product cleans out the burn residue in the chambers with ease. So much quicker than conventional cleaning methods!
Works Great
Michael - 05/02/2022
Very easy to use, cleaned out the cylinder on my revolver very quickly. Must have item if you shoot 38 special in a .357 mag.
quick and easy
jason - 02/21/2022
I like to shoot both 38 and 357 from my revolvers and this tool does a great job of quick cleanup. I use the screwdriver method...

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