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SliX-Shot  (Nipple)

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A new concept in Black Powder Nipples! 

Cap N Ball Nipples 

Revolutionary “Venturi” Spark plenum,  Improved  Hotter “Flash-Hole” design Consistent taper for Remington #10 caps,  Reduced hammer sensitivity, Reduced hammer blow back; Standard slotted nipple wrench removal, More Positive cap retention

Easier cap installation with the popular Ted Cash snail capper

 Cap N Ball Nipples 

TK4B Enterprises, makers of SliX-Prings, SliX-Pins, SliX-Main and SliX Tools has a new innovation for competing with your Cap Ball revolvers-: The “SliX-Shot”  Black powder nipples.  Manufactured from a proprietary stainless steel, heat-treated and dry-honed to provide improved operational efficiency and an extended shooting life.  The interior plenum is designed to provide a more effective, hotter, spark pattern unequaled in previous Black powder nipples designs. The unique vent ports divert the blow back gasses which results in the fired cap either splitting completely and exiting from the cylinder on the next cycle, or remaining on the nipple.  Either effect greatly reduces the chance for any “jam-up” caused by those pesky lost caps.  The vent port also diverts and reduces the blow back effect or back pressure on the hammer which can be translated into requiring less hammer/main spring pressure to keep caps on during firing.  

The ‘mouth’ of the Black powder nipples have been designed with a chamfer to produce consistent reliable cap ignition.  This allows for the use of a reduced or lighter pressure main spring.  Basic field tests have shown that our test revolvers can operate effectively even after reducing main spring tension by as much and 20%.  When reducing main spring tension you should consider reducing your powder charge.  Wart Hog” loads have demonstrated a tendency to shatter caps and have an adverse effect on the efficiency and purpose of the Black powder nipples.  Recommended loads and procedures are strongly suggested. 

Each shooter will have to experiment with their own revolvers to determine optimum spring pressure and powder charge balance to insure consistent ignition and cap retention.  A bit of experimentation with spring pressure and powder charge will reveal the best balance and find the "Sweet Spot" for you guns.  

Nipple flash pattern tests have demonstrated that the SliX-Shot nipple definitely provides a hotter spark burn when tested against other nipples.  These tests were conducted using Remington #10 caps with a paper sleeved between the cylinder and the barrel faces with no clearance.  After firing the cap the barrel was removed so the paper could be removed without tearing or otherwise marring the pattern.  Although numerous test caps were fired using several stock manufacturer and current popular brands the photo above most clearly depicts the difference in spark transfer through to the chamber.  We believe you will see and feel the difference after you install them in your revolvers.

As always, you will get optimum service from this “SliX product if your revolvers have been tuned and properly prepared.  These nipples are made from a stainless steel therefore the use of a thick lubricant or anti-seize compound on the threads is highly recommended.  It is also recommended that the Black powder nipples be removed and retreated after any extended shooting venue. 

As with all of the SliX branded products, one size will not exactly fit all.  The different models are designed to fit the three most recent pistols common to Cowboy Action Shooting revolvers; the Colts clones 1851 & 1860 models by Uberti with a 12-28-.200”thread nipple, the same for Pietta models using the 6m x.75mm-.200” pitch thread, and the longer 12-28-.250” thread for the Ruger Old Army model.  So far, tests with various Remington 1858 revolvers of the same manufacturer will also take the referenced nipple and work very well.  The same applies to some of the earlier ASM and un-marked C&B revolvers.  You will have to determine your fit and style. In most cases the nipple will fit just short of full depth, thereby insuring negligible thread corrosion and ‘stuck’ nipples when removing for cleaning. 

The three models are distinguished by the nipple ‘stem’ height, thread pitch and depth.  If you have a different manufacturer or model check to see if one of these unique nipple models will fit your revolver. 

Part #830819US         Most Uberti produced C&B with 12-28 x .200” threads

Part #830819P            Most Pietta produced C&B with 6m x .75m x .200” threads

Part# 830825RS          Most Ruger Old Army models with long 12-28 x .250” thread

Part# 830819W           Walker and Dragoon models with 1/4"-28 x .215" threads

All SliX-Shot nipples are to be used in appropriate Cap & Ball revolvers using ONLY the recommended powder charge, correct diameter ball and proper loading procedures . The user accepts full responsibility in the use of this product. 

The cost for a complete set of six (6) “SliX-Shot” nipples is $36.00 plus S&H 

Walker/Dragoon nipples are $40/set

Made in the United States of America

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