SliX Wrench

SliX Wrench

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A must have high quality Black Powder Nipple Wrench

  • Fits all SliXshot nipples and most original factory nipples SliXshot Nipples (Sold Separately)
  • Tee shaped handle provides for positive grip and pressure
  • Made from 41L40 steel
  • Heat treated to Rockwell 48-52 hardness

  • Proudly made in the USA

SliX Wrench black powder nipple wrench

Black Powder Nipple Wrench

Black Powder Nipple Wrench for SliXShot Nipples


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Slix Wrench

G L Pate - 04/08/2021

I purchased the Slix stainless nipples for my Pietta 36. I should have followed Slix advise and purchased this wrench at the same time. I already had a nipple wrench. Mine, of course, would not work. The Slix Wrench fit perfect and worked like a charm.


Jonah Haggett - 04/05/2021

So I had a nipple that was stuck in good shape, it chewed the ends right off of the cheap traditions wrench I had, it is warped and deformed, I will keep it just for the nipple pic. Anyways my slix wrench arrived today, I pulled it out of the package and put it to the test on that stuck cone, turned it right out with minimal effort!! Thank you for the excellent product and very quick shipping, I will recommend this to anyone that will listen!!

Well What did you expect?!?

monkeyship - 04/01/2021

So I installed my new nipples/cones on my Remington replica with my new wrench.
It worked nicely for all except one. A little penetrating oil straightened that right up. I get better torque with the SliX wrench than my older model from CVA. It also seems to fit the nipples better. Thanks for a nice tool that fits in with the other possibles.

Best wrench I've used

Bill L - 03/18/2021

I really like the design; I can use it in my drill/driver to save time. Seems very well made and fits good. I had two other wrenches before this and this is the best one available I think.

Great quality tool!

J.R.B. - 03/17/2021

I purchased the slix wrench because it was recommended by Dustin Winegar (Guns of the west) on Youtube.

Compared to my Traditions wrench, the slix is more durable and its longer shaft length makes it more ergonomic.

The only thing that I noticed was that it had a very tight fit on the original nipples for my Uberti Walker. Since I was replacing them with slix nipples anyway, it was not really an issue for me.

Only one I have that works.

Nick B. - 03/14/2021

I'm no gunsmith, and I'm definitely less experienced with the hobby than a lot of people, but this is the only nipple wrench I've found that just WORKS. Pietta, Uberti, traditions wrenches were soft and breaking or deforming on stuck nipples. This thing just turned em and went on down the road.

Slide wrench

Scott - 03/08/2021

Absolutely the best wrench I have used

Excellent tool

Michael Comer - 03/04/2021

I find the size and height make for excellent leverage when getting a nipple to break loose. The T handle and extended top also make for quick removal by allowing more rapid turning compared to the typical wrench. As a black powder gunsmith I find it to be a useful addition to the workbench.

replacement for my Cabalas wrench

Grimsley L Jay - 03/03/2021


Nipple review

Richard Weaver - 03/02/2021

Slixwrench is the only nipple wrench that fit and did not break when used.

Absolutely the best wrench

Gino den Ridder - 02/27/2021

My other wrench is a bit ‘floppy’. It just doesn’t fit exactly right. The SliX Wrench, however, has a tight fit, doesn’t feel floppy, and overall is a very sturdy product. Won’t need another one soon, but if I do it will be another SliX Wrench!

Good stuff

Dave LaPere - 02/24/2021

The product that I received was of the highest quality! It should last for the rest of my life!

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SliXshot Black Powder Nipples

NEW Better Black Powder Nipples Designed to Increase Ignition Performance and Reliability

For use with Uberti, Ruger, Pietta, Walker and Dragoon Percussion Revolvers. 1851 through 1861 Models.  Designed Primarily for use with Remington #10, CCI #11 and RWS 1075 Caps.

  • Uberti: 12-28 x .200" threads
  • Ruger: 12-28 x .250" threads
  • Pietta: 6m x .75m x .200" threads
  • Walker & Dragoon: by Uberti 1/4" x 28 x .215" threads 
  • Will NOT work on 5 shot Pocket Pistols  (Sold Separately)
  • Made in USA
  • Sold per 6
SliXshot Pocket Pistol Nipples

NEW Improved Black Powder Pocket Pistol Nipples Designed to Increase Ignition Performance and Reliability

For use with Uberti 1848 Baby Dragoon, 1849 Pocket Pistol .31 Caliber, 1862 Pocket Navy and Police .36 Caliber and Pietta 1863 Remington .31 Caliber Percussion Revolvers.  Designed Primarily for use with Remington #10, CCI #11 and RWS 1075 Caps.  NOT Magnum Caps.

  • Uberti: 1848 Baby Dragoon with 12-28 threads
  • Uberti: 1849 and 1862 Models with 12-28 threads
  • Pietta: 1863 Remington 6m x .75m threads 
  • Will NOT work on 6 shot full size Revolvers  (Sold Separately)
  • Made in USA
  • Sold per 5
SliX Hand
SliX Hand - $20.00

A must have extension handle for loading black powder revolvers

  • No more gouged palms
  • Gives extra leverage
  • Machined from solid aircraft aluminum
  • Made in the USA

Price: $24.00
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