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Worked great!

Wil - 09/17/2021

The nipples and wrench were perfect! I’ll be buying sets for my other pistols!

Slixshot cones

Jesse Robinson - 08/18/2021

Really great product and easy process and the shipping is always quick I order and within a couple days I have them and I live on the east coast.

Fit and Work

Dart Liebrandt - 07/30/2021

They fit great and worked well.

1862 pocket police

Gene Hogue - 07/23/2021

After installing these nipples i was finally able to shoot all 5 cylinders without a single hang up. These nipples are well worth the money .

quality product

steve - 07/20/2021

these nipples are first class, went in easily and work as expected; would buy again

Slix Pocket Pistol Nipples

Gary - 07/06/2021

Perfect fit, without issues. #10 caps fit securely, better than the OEM nipples provided. Gary

Slixshot pocket pistol nipples

Rvn - 07/04/2021

They work great and solved the jamming problem caused by caps.

New cones for colt pocket police

Rooster - 07/02/2021

These fixed my new uberti’s failure to fire problems. These are tall enough so that the all your caps get busted (factory nipples were too short) with minimal jams. Great product.


Nate - 06/20/2021

Essential for reliable operation.

Great product!

John Rodgers - 06/16/2021

No more cap jams.

Fixes Cap Sucking

Ysabel Kid - 06/09/2021

Purchased a set of these for my Uberti "Colt Baby Dragoon". Works perfectly and really fixes the issue of "cap sucking" where the cap comes off and falls into the action. Had planned to rotate them into other cap & ball revolvers, but I like them so much I am just going to end up getting a set for every C&B revolver I own!

up-grade for little gun

Carlton Bishop - 06/02/2021

these nipples provide a better solution for "nipple problems" in this small pocket pistol.

Uberti Pocket Police, SliXshot Nipples

Patrick P. - 05/24/2021

A perfect fit. I've read of several folks concerned about properly fitting nipples for the Uberti Pocket Police. These SliXshot nipples fit, significantly reduce cap blow back and SS isn't likely to rust around the threads.

worked well

pa colt - 05/23/2021

my 62 uberti stock nipples would not fire caps. i installed these and it works like a charm.

Slixshot nipples

Grumerguy - 05/15/2021

I absolutely love these on my baby dragoon and my 1863 Remington pocket revolver! Fewer misfires and more complete ignition of the chamber. I plan on putting these on all of my black powder revolvers. Excellent item!

Slixshot nipples

Grumerguy - 05/10/2021

These nipples reduce misfires dramatically. They function beautifully with number 10 or number 11 percussion caps. They don't do well with homemade caps though. I highly recommend these nipples for all black powder revolvers! Great product!

These are great.

Matt - 05/09/2021

These are great! With the modification the caps just stay in place after they're spent. Had to file the edge off the hammer to prevent sucking and now my little pocket police cycles flawlessly.

Pocket Pistol Nipples

Michael Suri - 04/28/2021

As always these nipples for my Uberti are exceptional !
They fit perfectly and really help eliminate cap jams.
Highly recommended !

1862 Uberti

Billy Caraway - 04/28/2021

I ordered a set of nipples for my 1862 Uberti police, and couldn’t be happier. They function just as described and help eliminate those pesky cap jam. I would recommend getting the wrench that Slixprings offers for these as well.


woodrunr - 04/25/2021

Great product. As good a nipple as $ can
buy. Service is top of the line. If you need buy with no worries, you won't be sorry.

Slixshots for the 1862

Me - 04/24/2021

Absolutely amazing and fixed 95% of cap jams the other 5% was fixed with powder charge. Thanks slix keep doing what you do.

1862 colt pocket navy

Yancy Thornton - 04/24/2021

And just like that the cap jams just stopped. Best product on the market. Couldn’t be happier.

Well Worth The Money

Dittles - 03/26/2021

I was having issues with the factory nipples on my Pietta Remington Pocket revolver, I no longer have ignition issues after replacing them with Slix-Shots.

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