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Slix Ram

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Longer and more Convenient Loading Ram for Ruger Old Army Revolvers

  • Allows shooting reduced loads without the need for filler
  • Eliminates the need for using a second insert to seat the balls
  • Faster in-frame loading system

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Designed to easily replace the loading ram for Ruger Old Army black powder revolvers.  The Slix-Ram is designed  at .340” longer than the original.  This added dimension allows the shooter to reload their cylinders with reduced powder charges without having to add filler or use a secondary insert to fully seat the ball.  Obviously, looking at the picture below, it will be more difficult to seat conicals.  Shooters who have tested the extended ram have reported being able to use powder charges as low as 24 grains without a filler, and with a much better sense of convenience.

Slix Ram loading ram for Ruger Old Army Revolvers

As you can see from the picture above, it is a simple installation.  Merely replace the Slix-Ram during and cleaning operation, or just exchange it at any time.  They come only in the white and therefore may require more care during cleaning and maintenance.

The manufacturers want to clearly point out that if you have little or no idea how these rams are supposed to fit and work, get help or find someone who does know how to install them.  These Rams are about as close as we have come to a “Drop-In” unit, just take care during installation. 

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Great Upgrade
Brian - 05/11/2024
The single best upgrade I have ever made to my Old Army. Allows the use of lighter loads with just the right amount of compression.
looks good
robert l brown - 04/07/2024
i have not used it yet,but it is well made and will do the job for light loads.
JD - 03/05/2024
Have not had a real need for it yet. but its well made and makes things a little gentler on the gun. Will really help when I start loading conicals.
I did not know i needed this until i saw it!
JD - 03/05/2024
This is a great idea, and though it came in the white it blued up nicely. Great for light loads in the ROA. dont need 30 grains to pop squirrels.
An essential I did not know I needed...
John D - 02/09/2024
until I saw it!
allows reduced loads in the ROA, which increases its already well-rounded versatility. Blues well with paste cold blue.

PLEASE make replacement base/cylinder pins for the ROA, as these are occasionally bent in use and are no longer available via Ruger. This would put many an old ROA back on the firing line. There are replacements for the cartridge conversions, but not for the purists who want to shoot the ROA as God intended.
Slixprings Ram
Ji. - 08/09/2023
Brilliant Product. Takes the struggle out of loading an Old Army Black Powder Revolver.
I use it every week at my Range in Scotland.
Great product
Lowell T. Green - 06/08/2023
A must have if you have a ROA.
Great for reduced loads.
Great service
JJ - 04/28/2023
The best people and service. Thank you
Install easy no trouble
BIG COB Giles - 02/20/2023
I put oil treated pad under lead ball seated deep I don't think chain fires will be a problem (used lightest load possible) if I load hotter may top off with lube you have great service
Love this!!
Johnny - 04/21/2020
The extended ram allows me to load lighter loads. The reduced recoil helps with my aging hands. It's nice not having to use fillers now.

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