SliXshot Black Powder Nipples

SliXshot Black Powder Nipples

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SliXshot Nipples give Better Ignition and Reliability in your Percussion Revolvers

New SliXshot black powder nipples are made from 416 stainless steel and designed to increase ignition performance and reliability. Nipples have an enlarged chamber leading to the flash hole, allowing for a hotter spark. Stainless construction prevents rust corrosion.

SliXshot Nipples work BEST with the following Caps (Standard or Magnum)

  • Remington #10
  • CCI #11
  • Winchester #11
  • RWS 1075

SliXshot Nipples fit the following caliber revolvers

  • 36 Caliber
  • 44 Caliber
  • 45 Caliber

SliXshot Nipples work on the following Models

  • 1851 thru 1861 (Replica or Original Colt)
  • 1873 Cattleman by Uberti
  • Walker & Dragoon by Uberti
  • LeMat by Pietta
  • Ruger Old Army
  • 1851 Spiller and Burr by Pietta
  • Made in USA

Remove those stubborn factory nipples with our high quality SliX-Wrench nipple wrench
SliX Wrench for removing and installing Slixshot nipples

Compliment your upgrade with our SliX-Hand loading assist lever
SliX Hand Lever Assist for Reloading Black Powder Revolvers

Thread size and pitch

  • Uberti: 12-28 x .200" threads (Replica or Original Colt)
  • Ruger Old Army (ROA): 12-28 x .250" threads
  • Pietta: 6mm x .75mm x .200" threads
  • Walker & Dragoon: by Uberti  1/4" x 28 x .215" threads
  • LeMat by Pietta: 10 Total: 9 Revolver plus 1 Shotgun: 6mm x .75mm x .200" threads
  • Will NOT work on 5 shot Pocket Pistols  (Sold Separately)
  • SOLD PER 6
  • LeMat SOLD PER 10

Uberti, Pietta and Ruger Revolver Nipples are $39.00 per set.

Walker/Dragoon Nipples are $43.00 per set.

LeMat Nipples are $65.00 per set.

460 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Show All)
Performance upgrade!
Andy Collins - 08/10/2022
I have replaced the nipples on three of my guns with SliXshots, I absolutely love the fit and function. So much more reliable. Worth every penny!
Great product
Mike Mikulski - 08/09/2022
Fit in perfect to Uberti 1861 Navy revolver. Haven’t gone shooting yet, but huge improvement over stock nipples.
Slixprings Nipples
Charles T Meeker - 08/04/2022
Everything is A-OK with me!!!
fine product
phil - 08/02/2022
CCI #11 caps fit perfect. No misfires.
Great product
ROBERT - 07/30/2022
just what I wanted Thanks.
You get what you pay for…
Griffin - 07/30/2022
You get what you pay for.-the manufacturing, materials, and design of the cones are superior to the “stock” ones you get with your replica revolver. And they really do seem to fit and function better as advertised. I suppose one could try to “modify” the originals or go with a cheaper brand, but these solve the problem right out of the box. Precise tolerances and consistency matter…
Best for dependable ignition
AM - 07/24/2022
These cones are well made. Fits Uberti revolvers well. Easy to install. Creates dependable ignition. Gun goes BOOM every time. 2 thumbs up!
SliXshot Stainless Black Powder Nipples
Alan - 07/23/2022
I use only stainless nipples and I recommend them to all new black powder shooters. slixsprings always has what I need in stock.
They work great
Jacob - 07/21/2022
Good product
Must have
Wade Grant - 07/20/2022
I've made multiple purchases the past few months and every transaction have been smooth. These will resolve a lot of the "cap sucking" you'll experience with the stock nipples on Uberti and Pietta revolvers.
Heath Martin - 07/19/2022
This is the 1st thing I purchase with any new BP gun. Not cheap, but worth the value. Longer lasting, help to split the cap correctly for removal, taller shoulder for easier removal for cleaning, well made.
Definitely get these for your BP revolver
Ray - 07/17/2022
I am happy I found slix nipples, they are a necessity when you want reliability in your revolver, the nipples fit the caps way better the holes are good and they are stainless way easier to clean! Definitely upgrade to these before or after you get to shooting! Happy customer. Quick shipping as well…
SliX Wrench
SliX Wrench - $25.00

A must have Black Powder Nipple Wrench

  • Works great with SliXshot Nipples
  • Heat Treated and Hardened

SliX Hand
SliX Hand - $23.00

A must have extension handle for loading black powder revolvers

  • No more gouged palms
  • Gives extra leverage
  • Machined from solid aircraft aluminum
  • Made in the USA

Price: $39.00
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