SliXprings Trigger

SliXprings Trigger

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A new concept in Trigger design for the 1873 Uberti Rifles

  • Flatter face profile for a more positive finger contact
  • Easy "Drop-In" installation
  • No fitting or tuning is required
  • No impact on your present trigger/sear engagement or pull
  • Significantly reduces the chance of the notorious '73 Trigger Blister

SliXsprings Trigger for Uberti 1873 Rifle


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Model 73 Straight Trigger
Columbine - 04/25/2022
Forward position of new trigger takes a little getting used to but, once you do, it's a great improvement over the standard trigger. Also the linkage between the new trigger and the standard sear is much tighter and less sloppy, leading to a crisp hammer release.
Awesome Trigger!
Wild Mike - 04/23/2022
I was looking for a forward set trigger to pick up my lever speed. Without a doubt, I found the trigger. It took a little dry fire time to get used to it but the speed improvement was impressive. I highly recommend and would certainly buy again. The installation instructions were very helpful.
Six trigger is a good upgrade
Maddog Mark - 03/07/2022
Six trigger is a good upgrade, no finger pinch and easier to pull the trigger at the right time
Great product
Canisteo - 02/28/2022
Just shot my first match with your magic trigger. It took zero time to adjust to it. When I had to step "on the gas" it was flawless. No fear from the gear.
Wish I'd a thought of it.
No finger blisters
Steve P - 02/17/2022
This was the first time I took this gun all the way apart and getting the trigger in was fairly easy. This is a real difference maker for me. I'm must faster with the straight trigger and no longer get the finger blisters from the curved trigger.
Trick trigger
H. B. Lovett - 12/28/2021
Well made product and install was a piece of cake. Am able to run through ten rounds much quicker than before. The down side is now I need 5 more for my other rifles!!
Stopped trigger bites
Wyoming Joe (SASS#111473) - 09/17/2021
Breeze to install even for a dummy newcomer like me, didn’t change the trigger feel one bit, and feels more comfortable, love it.
Straight trigger
Eric Milks - 09/07/2021
Trigger was simple to install. A drop in really. I did not realize greater speed as a result of the new trigger. I did however note my incidents of ejecting live rounds decreased markedly.
1873 trigger
Charlie Reb - 06/18/2021
Real quality trigger. Very well made. Had no trouble installing. Very positive feel. Have improved my consistency
woodfox - 06/14/2021
Installed it in my backup 73 and only test fired it . it is as advertised as far as a drop in part . I don't know if it will work for me I have short fingers . It's a well made part I recommend it as far as Quality .
Tumbleweed Dan - 05/28/2021
I like it!
top quality
Matthew McCrae - 03/18/2021
Well some will wonder about a $50 trigger and if it's worth it. hard to tell by a picture. but i can say yes it's worth it. the trigger is wider then stock very well shaped and is positioned where you can't miss it with your trigger finger levering the gun fast. Yes if you are trying to lever your rifle quick you need this, it also eliminates the 73 trigger blister I can speak from experience. it not really a blister it's more of a Kabob. I stabbed my finger with the stock trigger. not fun. this little gem solves that problem.
Price: $50.00