SliXprings Scraper

SliXprings Scraper

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One Tool to Clean and Restore 10mm Auto, 357 Mag, 44 Mag and 45 Colt Chambers and Cylinder Throats

  • Safely removes carbon and lead that collects in chambers and cylinder throats of 10mm Auto, 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum  and 45 Colt revolvers and rifles when using shorter cartridges
  • Significantly reduces throat erosion
  • Restores cylinders and chambers to SAAMI specifications
  • Fits standard 8-32 cleaning rods
  • Easy breech access to clean rifle chambers
  • No impact on present chamber dimensions
  • Easy to use

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Great product!
Eric Knight - 05/15/2022
Due to the very high price of .357 ammo lately I find myself shooting much more .38 Special in my magnum revolvers. This product cleans out the burn residue in the chambers with ease. So much quicker than conventional cleaning methods!
Works Great
Michael - 05/02/2022
Very easy to use, cleaned out the cylinder on my revolver very quickly. Must have item if you shoot 38 special in a .357 mag.
quick and easy
jason - 02/21/2022
I like to shoot both 38 and 357 from my revolvers and this tool does a great job of quick cleanup. I use the screwdriver method...
Samuel - 12/08/2021
I used this on an old colt I been shooting for years. I’ve fired about 3000 rounds through it and the scraper cleaned the residue in seconds. Worth it for any revolver.
These tools are great
Mustang Gregg - 10/14/2021
Since the 1970's, I have looked all over for tools like these for guys who shoot "Special-length" ammo in "Magnum-length" chambers.
I even built a tool similar to this when I worked in a machine shop.
But your tools are much better than mine.
These are super for CAS folks who shoot literally hundreds of short cartridges in their six-guns and lever-guns.
Just what the doctor ordered
David - 08/31/2021
I told my wife that I needed to invent a tool to clean the chambers in my revolver, since brass brushes aren't adequate. Then I thought, "I wonder if someone already has?" And sure enough, Slixprings has. Shooting .38 specials can leave a build-up that makes it difficult to chamber and eject .357. This scraper is simple and easy to use, and solved my problem perfectly.
Longhorn Louie - 07/02/2021
Got it yesterday used on my guns worked great
Great Product!
Joe Howard - 05/01/2021
I actually haven't used it yet on a .357, but I have used to clean lead and carbon buildup in front of the shoulders of a .38 Special. A couple of turns and the job is done. Highly recommend.
Really good tool
Joe Howard - 04/06/2021
First job I used this for was cleaning out deposits in front of the chamber shoulders of a 1906 Colt Officer's Model .38 Special. Had just gotten it, and it was hard getting some cartridges all the way into two of the chambers. Fixed the problem instantly.
Works Great
Cahawba Kid - 10/24/2020
Takes out carbon rings with ease
Good product
Ken - 09/29/2020
Quality product for a niche market, I would recommend.
EPK - 09/20/2020
Price: $25.00