SliXprings Lever Spring

SliXprings Lever Spring

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Tired of wearing the cams off of the finger and carrier levers in your competition rifle?

Tired of having to continually re-arch and/or reset the load on your replacement lever springs?

Want a smoother, more solid feeling, and improved action for your edge in competition?

The Cowboy Action Shooters from TK4B Enterprises have completely redesigned and engineered set of SliXprings to provide a smoother, trouble free competitive replacement lever spring kit. 

These .076” lever springs are made from 100% music wire alloy and have been tested and determined to significantly reduce wear on the cam surfaces of both the finger lever and the carrier lever. The .076” wire size more closely reflects the wear surface diameter of the original springs (both clone and original) and therefore is more tolerant of any wear or pitch variations from manufacturing tolerances. The larger radius at the “Tab” also adds significantly to a smoother and more durable operation. 

In addition, the .076” wire is approximately 3-1/2 times less likely to fatigue or lose its “set” over time. This spring material has been tested to over 900,000 equivalent lever cycles without any lose of tension. However, should either “set” or natural fatigue occur, the spring kit design allows for easy adjustment to return the action to its best operating pressures. The Kit is also designed for the installer to not only easily fit it, but also to be able to very finely tune the carrier spring pressure to adjust for different caliber and bullet weights to guarantee the smoothest uninterrupted action. Likewise the finger lever side can also be finely adjusted to allow for any lever modifications or the added weight of a protective wrap. 

Each Kit contains a complete spring set and both screws and a set of instructions for the more capable home tuner.

Installation Instructions

8 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Show All)
rodgb1940 (AT) - 01/06/2022
Had a gunsmith install the springs they fixed my problem.
Hardscrabble Mac - 11/28/2021
Just put a set in a new back up 73 with short stroke. Have been running them for years now with zero issues.
Great product and service
Tom Mason - 10/16/2021
Slixprings are outstanding, been using them for at least 10 years in my shop.
High quality
Ruthless Rodg - 09/09/2021
Easy install of the lever springs. Made the action feel smooth and operate flawlessly. Only issue was a slight interference between spring on the lever side and the linkage. Fixed it easily. Looking forward to years of smooth action.
Easy upgrade to the lever and carrier springs
Ed Kucinski - 01/21/2021
These springs were an easy replacement for the truck springs that come in your Uberti.
A small amount of fitting was needed on the carrier spring to not interfere with the side gate, and to increase the spring tension.
I’m very pleased with the results.
Good product - mind the hand fitting
M. Miller - 12/28/2020
My SliXprings required some hand-fitting, as is noted in the instructions. I had to file down the spring ends by maybe .5mm and rounded them off a bit. When I had them installed I realized the carrier arm on my 1873 was binding on the width of the spring base. I also needed to file that down a bit to allow the arm to properly slide into the down position. Upon disassembly I have had to re-file the spring bases again to allow for the arm to move properly. It may take multiple times before everything moves properly. Once you have the springs filed to where they need to be they are fantastic! Highly recommended, as long as you know what you are doing.
Slix springs
Riverdog - 04/28/2020
Got the Slix springs in the mail the other day, shipping was 3 days , I took my '73 apart and followed the directions
that came in the package, they replaced the other aftermarket springs that were getting weak. Made a marked improvement in the way the rifle worked. I would recommend these, easy to install.
Slixprings 1873 rifle
Robert Omlor - 04/23/2020
Fast shipping, I’m not a gunsmith but the installation well pretty easy and made a heck of a difference in the smoothing out of the action on my rifle, since then I’ve probably put 300 rounds through the rifle without any problems so a big thumbs up to slixprings
Price: $50.00