SliXprings Lever Spring
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SliXprings Lever Spring

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Smoother, stronger and more reliable lever and carrier springs for your Uberti lever action rifle

Fits the following Uberti Rifles and Carbines Models 

  • 1860
  • 1866
  • 1873
Will NOT fit the original Winchester or Miroku style rifles

  • Made from .076" 100% music wire alloy
  • Tested to significantly reduce wear on cam surfaces
  • More tolerant of wear variation from manufacturing tolerances
  • Larger radius at the "Tab"
  • Smoother and more durable operation
  • 3.5 times less likely to fatigue over time
  • Tested to over 900,000 equivalent lever cycles without any loss of tension
  • Kit comes with both lever and carrier springs along with 2 new hardened screws

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15 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Show All)
Lever Springs replacements
Major Gunz SASS#113897 - 03/28/2024
Excellent product so far. I like the fact that they are a little oversized on the block and the spring length so that they can be tuned exactly to each action. It did not take long with a mill file and 600 grit sand paper to fit them to my 1873 in .44-40. The action feels great!
Well made
Smart Asterisk - 02/04/2024
Fit and finish was excellent with nothing left to keep the fit from being nice and tight. Time will tell if the use of locktight will keep the screw placement as I backed off a bit to gentle out the cycling of the action.
Kim - 06/19/2023
Worked really well in my 73. I had another brand, but these were smoother.
Uberti 357 Rifle and SlixSprings
Hawk Eyes Hudson - 01/23/2023
I ordered, a set of special springs with my short stroke kit. Like the Uberti springs it just wasn't where I wanted to be. One too stiff the other not enough. The SlixSprings set was easy to install and could be adjusted just by bending the spring. On the carrier side I am getting that carrier pop that I wanted. SlixSprings from now on.

Hawk Eyes Hudson
Great product
M Blantz - 10/04/2022
Well worth the price. It really made a difference in my Uberti 1873 rifle.
Slixprings Lever Springs
Lou P - 07/20/2022
Broke a Uberti Lever Spring, & my gunsmith told me to get Slixprings lever springs. They are excellent!
Product Review
Joe Ramirez - 06/18/2022
I had SliXprings, installed in my rifle several years ago. I immediately noticed improvement in the action. When a friend began to have problems with his rifle, I agreed to look at his rifle. I noticed several problems one of which was the lever springs, I ordered SliXprings and installed them in my friends rifle. I was very happy, but my friend was extremely happy. I recommend SliXprings to anyone interested in improving the operation of their rifle.
rodgb1940 (AT) - 01/06/2022
Had a gunsmith install the springs they fixed my problem.
Hardscrabble Mac - 11/28/2021
Just put a set in a new back up 73 with short stroke. Have been running them for years now with zero issues.
Great product and service
Tom Mason - 10/16/2021
Slixprings are outstanding, been using them for at least 10 years in my shop.
High quality
Ruthless Rodg - 09/09/2021
Easy install of the lever springs. Made the action feel smooth and operate flawlessly. Only issue was a slight interference between spring on the lever side and the linkage. Fixed it easily. Looking forward to years of smooth action.
Easy upgrade to the lever and carrier springs
Ed Kucinski - 01/21/2021
These springs were an easy replacement for the truck springs that come in your Uberti.
A small amount of fitting was needed on the carrier spring to not interfere with the side gate, and to increase the spring tension.
I’m very pleased with the results.

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