SliX Slot II Magazine Cap Screw Wrench

SliX Slot II Magazine Cap Screw Wrench

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A simple tool to remove the magazine cap screw on 1866 and 1873 Uberti Rifles

  • Fits snuggly on the 1866 and 1873 magazine cap screw head
  • Works great with the Improved Brass Cap Screw  (Sold Separately)
  • Protects screw head slot from damage when removing
  • Additionally removes firing pin bushings on most Browning and Stoeger double barrel shotguns with 3 pin spanner (Included)
  • Includes a hex head recess to accept all standard 1/4" screwdriver tips.  (Tips not included)
  • Simple to use
  • Includes One piece wrench
  • Made in the USA
Slix Slot II wrench to remove magazine cap screw on 1866 and 1873 Uberti Rifles
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Excellent Fit
Phil - 07/05/2022
I purchased it mainly for the magazine cap screw on an 1873 Uberti. The cap was very tight from the factory but the tool did not slip at all and I was able the remove the cap without issue.
Works like a charm!!
Dan69GTX - 06/27/2022
I recently started SASS. I ordered stuff including the "SliX Slot II Magazine Cap Screw Wrench". I bought that because it looked nice and thought it would come in handy. IT DID!!!! I had an issue where I needed to remove the cap, which was VERY snug, and it worked GREAT!!
Great Tool
C.Dove - 06/10/2022
Worked like a charm on my Stoeger uplander.
Cap Screw Wrench
Fred - 05/12/2022
Excellent product.
Magazine Cap Wrench
HRH13 - 04/26/2022
The best. My Uberti 1873 Magazine Cap was screwed down so tight from the factory, that the magazine tube end started roll inward on it's self. This was the only tool that could loosen it.
Good stuff
Allen - 04/28/2021
I always like having the right tool for the job. This one works!
Great tool, Fast delivery!
Ace Holliday - 04/22/2021
Title says it all. Every owner of a 73’ needs to have one of these.
Essential Tool for the Guncart and Bench
Ace Holliday - 03/28/2021
Received my tool quickly. It works perfectly. Thank you
Great Tool
Kerry - 06/17/2019
I received the wrench within a couple of days of ordering it. It works perfectly. I was concerned that it might slip out of the slot on the Mag Cap, but no, it fits perfectly and easily loosens the cap.
Great Product
Kurt Rominger - 06/03/2019
Everyone at the last shoot thought it was a great combo tool. Only one tool to keep up with.
Magazine Cap Screw Wrench
Jasper Wayne - 04/09/2019
This is a truly awesome little wrench. I wish I would have had one of these along time ago. Cleaning the magazine tube and spring (something that is usually ignored and shouldn't be) is now a simple job to do.
Uberti Magazine Sleeve Kit

An improved magazine sleeve kit for the 1866 and 1873 Uberti rifle and carbine.  357 Mag and 38 Special ONLY

Slix Cap Magazine Screw

An improved magazine cap screw made of solid brass for the 1866 and 1873 Uberti rifle and carbine.

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