SliX Shotshell Checker Sizer Combo

SliX Shotshell Checker Sizer Combo

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A simple tool to check and re-size 12 Gauge shotgun shells

  • One end checks reloaded shotgun shells to precise SAAMI 3" specifications
  • The other end easily re-sizes the shotshell if needed
  • Dramatically reduces ejection problems in SxS shotguns
  • Aids feeding of shells in pump or lever shotguns 
  • Made from high quality aircraft aluminum
  • Simple to use shot shell case gauge and sizer. Just drop the loaded shell into the rimmed end and let it fall.  Good ammo will easily slide in AND out.  If not then simply re-size the hull on the other end and check again.
  • Re-sizing simply requires the shell to be inserted about a 1/4" into the knurled end while twisting and applying light pressure
  • The re-sizing end tightens the crimp points that tend to unfold with used hulls.  Does NOT remove material or increase case pressure.
  • 12 Gauge Only
  • Use prior to loading shells in belt before each shooting stage
  • Proudly Made in the USA
Slix Shotshell Checker Sizer Combo

SliX-Checker shotgun hull good shell

Properly sized shotgun shell easily slides into SliX-Checker-Sizer

SliX-Checker with oversized shotgun shell

Improperly sized shotgun shell does not fit


To re-size a shell simply insert hull in SliX-Checker-Sizer about 1/4" and twist while applying light pressure

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Highly recommend

High Noon Henry - 07/17/2021

This is a must have for anyone shooting Cowboy / SASS. Even factory shells aren’t sized appropriately.

Great product

JD - 06/30/2021

This works exactly as described. It is made well. It was at my house within a few days of ordering. I should have found out about it sooner and saved myself a lot of aggrivation.


Shtgn Ldr - 06/24/2021

You need this! Not only shot loads, but does GREAT for crimped slug loads that widen the top a bit. A couple twists in this of gear, and all is well! I just check em real quick before boxing or storage and never have any issues with feeding. If you don't check em, then you can just take it with you in case you get that one shell that no fit!

Shotshell Checker Sizer Combo

j crane - 06/18/2021

I give this tool the highest rating because of it's quality and function.

Shotgun parts

Brent Craft - 06/05/2021

The product is excellent and sent to me in a reasonable time. Thanks


BRUCE COFFMAN - 04/28/2021


A Must Have!

Ace Holliday - 03/28/2021

Man I love this thing! Worth every penny.

Shotshell checker Combo

RR - 03/20/2021

Product does exactly what it is designed to do. Good investment.

Combines two tools into one

Not Dead Ed - 02/10/2021

Didn’t necessarily knew I needed this, but saw JEDi Knight’s video, and looked like it would help an issue I was having with shucking spent shells from my double barreled cowboy gun.
It does the trick. Nice device.

Buy 2 one for the cart another for the bench

Packsaddle pete - 12/31/2020

Absolute must for reloading on the clock. Used primarily for cowboy action when unloading hulls needs to effortless. Use the case gauge and if they don't drop right in, taper it a little with the sizing side and proceed. Used on factory and reloaded ammo ritually,every time.

Does it all

Kraken - 10/16/2020

Great way to check and tighten your shotgun shells.

Shotshell Checker combo

Troubleshooter - 09/10/2020

Great product! Enjoy knowing my shells will slide in and out easily. When first started using the combo at a match had numerous shooters use it as well, even on new shells. My press has an end crimper on it, but found this sizer is a little tighter. Nice

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