Shotgun Chamber Cleaning Tool

Shotgun Chamber Cleaning Tool

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Quality 12 Gauge Double Barrel Chamber Cleaning Tool

  • Clean Smarter, not Harder
  • Designed for 12 Gauge
  • Provides more reliable hull extraction
  • Made from Premium white woven fibers
  • Resistant to most solvents and oil
  • 4" Long Swab
  • Handle Color may vary

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Shotgun Chamber Cleaning tool

Chamber Cleaning Tool
12 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Show All)
Works Great
Hayfever - 12/08/2023
I do love cleaning on the fly at a match and this makes it very easy!
Love This Tool!!
Slow Gin Ricky - 09/05/2023
After having a squib at one of our club matches. One of the shooters had a stick to push out the wad and he had this cleaning tool. My first match with the tool, I used a little oil and wiped the chambers off after each stage. Not once did I have to "Pluck" the shells from the barrels!
Tall John - 07/03/2023
Nice tight fit! Best used AFTER using a stiff brass Chamber brush. That way you get the heavy residue out first and then use this as a finisher.
great tool - use during matches
ChickMa - 04/24/2023
We love this tool, and use it often during matches to clean the shotgun chambers so that our hulls will eject better. We wore out the original tool that a friend gave us (now we have a backup tool).
Does the job!
Pickle Barrel Pete - 04/13/2023
Bought it for cleaning chambers between stages on my side by side at cowboy action shooting events. It helps ensure spent shells drop free every time.
Barrel swab
Kokomo TC Ranger - 03/19/2023
I use after each stage of shooting match I spray on some baristol swab both barrels and slick like butter
Shotgun Chamber Cleaning Tool
Dale McFarland - 08/22/2022
I bought this to carry in my gun cart and it makes it so much easier to grab it and run it through the cambers after each stage. It gives me a peace of mind that the chamber is clean and ready for the next stage. It pairs well with my chamber brush that is about the same size and both fit well in my gun cart.
Richard A Szymanski
03/09/2022 - 06/30/2022
If you shoot Cowboy Action you need this. Want your Shells to fall out after you have fired your Shotgun??Spray a little lube / silicone, 1 wipe before loading and they fall out like butter.
Chamber cleaning tool
Riverdog - 11/27/2021
Just got one the other day, took it to Albany match- works like it's supposed to-
A little shot of Balistol and a couple of swipes in the bore and you're ready for another stage- The handle is sturdy and the swab will not bend-great tool!
Great cleaning tool
Munro Russell - 02/23/2021
Does a great job and I was pleased with the fast service ! Thanks
Chamber cleaning of shotgn
John - 11/09/2020
When used with Balistol it works as it should keeping the chamber nice and slick for easy shucking and quick reload for cowboy action shooting
Quality Made
Michael J - 08/01/2020
This tool is made well and also works great. Nice addition to my gun cart. I use it between every stage.

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