Miroku Firing Pin Trigger Safety Spring

Miroku Firing Pin Trigger Safety Spring

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New Improved Firing Pin and Trigger Safety Spring for the Miroku Winchester 1866 and 1873 Rifle

  • Firing pin has radiused shoulder to help eliminate breaking
  • MIL-SPEC alloy used in firing pin that meets same requirments for the M-16 and AR-15
  • Heat treated firing pin for longer lasting and more reliable operation
  • Smoother and lighter trigger/safety spring compared to heavy stock spring

  • Fits the Winchester Miroku 1866 and 1873 Rifles Only
  • Firing Pin manufactured with extra length
  • Fitting and Tuning Required on BOTH Firing Pin and Spring
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Firing Pin and Spring: $35
  • Firing Pin Only: $16
  • Spring Only: $22
Winchester 1873 Miroku Firing Pin and Trigger Safety Spring
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Must have items
Blackie - 03/12/2022
If you have a Miroku 1873, these are easy to install and make your rifle perform like it should. Highly recommended!
Turn your miroku in the gun it should be.
Rotten irv - 01/05/2021
This is the first step you should take to slick up your 73. Get the firing pin while your at it.
OKI Steve - 10/15/2020
I could have not been happier to discover a replacement spring for my Miroku 73. As folks know parts for the Miroku Winchester are hard to find, if not impossible. The is a perfect match for the original, if not better and lighter. Looking foward to this weekend to test it out.
Nice improvement
Jonathan Preston - 10/06/2020
I noticed a difference in the feel. happy with my purchase.
It helped some
Terry Schultz - 10/01/2020
It helped some but the difference is very small. I will keep it in the gun because I don't want to dissemble it again.

Reply from SliXprings:

It’s also designed to give you more reliability over the stock spring.

Great Upgrade
Stephen - 04/26/2020
This is a great upgrade. Well worth it. Thanks for offering it.
Price: $35.00