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SliX-Slot & SliX-Slot II

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The tool specifically designed for the 1866 and 1873 magazine cap screw and other accessories on Winchester Rifles

The SliX-Slot II (top) and the SliX-Slot

Winchester 1860 Henry, 1866, 1873 Magazine Tube Wrench SliX-Slot 

            (Notice the three pin spanner on the right face of the SliX-SlotII) 

Are you tired if breaking screw drivers and buggering up the slot and face of your magazine tube screw?  

Tired of not having the right tool to remove the magazine tube screw to clear a jam? 

And, the all important regular Mag tube cleaning? 

Need to remove the firing pin Bushings on your Side-by-Side? 

Need extra leverage to remove some over-tightened screws?? 

Looking for a tool that serves that purpose and is handy and available in your gun cart?

The standard SliX-slot has two exacting tips to fit most magazine tube screws.  The SliX-Slot II has the same tips, PLUS the three pin spanner for removing firing pin bushings, and includes a “Hex-Head” recess to accept all standard ¼” screwdriver tips. 

SliX-Slot  $15   plus S & H

SliX-Slot II  $25  plus S & H 

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