SliXprings Main Hammer Spring

SliXprings Main Hammer Spring

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Faster, Smoother, more Durable Main-Spring replacement for Uberti 1873 Rifles

  • Provides a faster lock time
  • Eliminates misfires
  • No spring adjustment needed
  • Designed for Uberti 1873 Rifles and Carbines Only
SliXpring-Main replacement Mainspring system is meant to complement an already properly tuned and short stroked Winchester style 1873 rifle or carbine. Its sole purpose is to provide a faster lock time (faster, more positive hammer travel), a more dependable primer strike and a more durable, longer lasting, smoother cycling competition grade spring operation. In most cases it will feel a bit more brisk in the initial cocking action of your rifle, but be assured it will respond much more smoothly throughout the hammer cycle than a normal leaf style spring, plus it's at least 30% faster than your competitively adjusted leaf spring. The “SliXpring-Main” kit requires competent installation with minimal stock fitting and is completely reversible to your existing arrangement. 

Slix main spring for Uberti 1873 rifles

Because there are so many different tolerances and dimensions between bolts, hammers, lower tangs, action frames and tune-up styles the “Kit” itself is manufactured so the qualified installer/tuner can fairly easily fit and align the unit for optimum operation with minimal alteration. It will not fit the earlier square bridge lower tangs and some Border Rifle tangs without Tang modification. Also, since there are many different styles of shooting and needs for different levels of speed, the kit will include two axles. The basic axle will provide the fastest possible lock time and the most positive primer detonation while still retaining a smooth action cycle. A smaller diameter axle is also included which will still provide a noticeably faster lock time but with a slightly lighter, smoother lever cycle feel for the not yet absolutely competitive shooter.
The manufacturers want to clearly point out that if you have little or no idea how this Spring Kit is supposed to work, get help or find someone who does know how to install them. Due to all the variations in machining tolerances on the different rifles this is not a “one-size-fits-all” perfect “drop-in” set. It may/will take some individual fitting. Contact your local “Smith” to arrange installation. Our practice installations have taken about an hour to finish. 

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Slixpring Hammer spring
Johnny Pinebox - 09/29/2022
Have one of the originals. Spring finally broke and order a replacement got it quickly and was easy to install. Like the fact that it is even pressure all the way thru the leveler

Main Hammer Spring
Marshal Mick - 07/18/2022
The support is great and the product is great what more can you say.
1873 Uberti Rifle upgrades
Rick Szymanski - 01/24/2022
Installed easily, I have Installed all the SlixSpring products in my Rifle, Smoother than ever. I would recommend all products including Trigger replacement
Main hammer spring
Bob Carson - 04/14/2020
Easy to install and gives solid primer hits

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