Miroku Firing Pin Trigger Safety Spring

Miroku Firing Pin Trigger Safety Spring

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New Improved Firing Pin and Trigger Safety Spring for the Miroku Winchester 1866 and 1873 Rifle

  • Firing pin has radiused shoulder to help eliminate breaking
  • MIL-SPEC alloy used in firing pin that meets same requirments for the M-16 and AR-15
  • Heat treated firing pin for longer lasting and more reliable operation
  • Smoother and lighter trigger/safety spring compared to heavy stock spring

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  • Fits the Winchester Miroku 1866 and 1873 Rifles Only
  • Firing Pin manufactured with extra length
  • Fitting and Tuning Required on BOTH Firing Pin and Spring
  • Firing Pin and Spring: $35
  • Firing Pin Only: $16
  • Spring Only: $22
Winchester 1873 Miroku Firing Pin and Trigger Safety Spring
14 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Show All)
Very happy!
GERALD DAVIS - 07/04/2024
I had gotten some of the springs and pins. I had been putting off doing a spring. I found a utube video on disassembling a Miroku. It went easier than I thought. I did both of my rifles this morning, springs and pins. I was glad once again I had my screw driver bit set. The lightened spring makes a huge difference in closing the lever. I am very happy. Great products!
Jim Moore - 01/04/2024
Fire pin worked great, solved light strike issue in 66.
Spring worked GREAT!!
Steve - 10/17/2023
Replaced my factory spring. Worked like a charm! Much easier and quicker lever action. Highly recommend.
Miroku Firing Pin Trigger Safety Spring
John Duane - 08/01/2023
Both easy to install and work fine. Big improvement with the lighter trigger safety spring.
Lightened Trigger Safety Spring
John T. - 02/21/2023
Product was as represented, was simple to install; and, significantly reduced trigger safety pressure for cowboy action shooting. Definitely improves the Miroku lever action!
Miroku 1873 44-40
Richard Wilson - 12/19/2022
Installed this Pin and Safety Spring. I could tell it was smoothing the lever action. Never fired a shot. Went to a Cowboy Action Event and my other rifle jammed.. Bad Ammo! I went to my Miroku backup. Worked like a charm. 10 - rounds on a Nevada continuous sweep, No Problems!
The Cats Meow!
Hawk Eyes Hudson - 10/23/2022
The firing pin fit like a glove with no fitting. The safety lever spring now allows me to set my lever even quicker and I can adjust and lighten the tension on my trigger main spring. This makes the trigger oh so much smoother. Don't adjust out to much tension or you will get light primer strikes. If you do just kick that trigger back and try again. Later you can adjust for more tension to relieve that problem. That's the Cowboy Way!
Miroku 73 parts
Bernie - 06/17/2022
The parts worked great no problems ,I always expect great results from Slixprings and never disappointed.
Must have items
Blackie - 03/12/2022
If you have a Miroku 1873, these are easy to install and make your rifle perform like it should. Highly recommended!
Turn your miroku in the gun it should be.
Rotten irv - 01/05/2021
This is the first step you should take to slick up your 73. Get the firing pin while your at it.
OKI Steve - 10/15/2020
I could have not been happier to discover a replacement spring for my Miroku 73. As folks know parts for the Miroku Winchester are hard to find, if not impossible. The is a perfect match for the original, if not better and lighter. Looking foward to this weekend to test it out.
Nice improvement
Jonathan Preston - 10/06/2020
I noticed a difference in the feel. happy with my purchase.

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