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A simple tool for

checking shotgun shells for proper size

 SliX-Checker Shotshell Case Gauge 

Made from top quality aircraft aluminum and machined to precise SAAMI 3" 12 Gauge tapered chamber specifications.

Whether it is an incorrect hull, crimp, bulge or rim the SliX-Checker will catch the flaw.  You will get a truly accurate case assessment with the fully tapered chamber dimensions replicated inside the tool.

For those shells that do not fit exactly due to a bad crimp they can be re-sized using the SliX-Sizer (sold separately) and then double checked with the SliX-Checker.

SliX-Checker and SliX-Sizer

Decreases hard chambering and stuck hulls during competition and practice.

How to use:  Merely drop any loaded 12 gauge hull into the rimmed end and let it fall.  Good ammo will readily drop completely inside AND drop easily out when the SliX-Checker is reversed.

Unlike some of our other products, this is a use at your pleasure unit.  No fitting or tuning is required unless you have modified your loader, lost the use of one hand or turned lazy.  This product can prove to enhance chambering and decrease stuck hulls in your shotgun

The cost for the SliX-Checker is $25 plus S&H.

Made in the United States of America

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