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Black Powder Nipple Wrench & Screwdriver

Want/need to have a handy tool for all the possible screw applications that you or your posse friends may need on the range, plus a convenient black powder nipple wrench on one end?

The Slix-Driver is your solution!!

Black Powder Nipple Wrench and Screwdriver

 TK4B Enterprises, makers of the SliXpring, SliX-Pin, SliX-Hand and SliX-Main offers a new innovation for on-range repairs and adjustments.  After several years of seeing gouged screw slots and buggered finish resulting from guns being ‘fixed’ on the shooting stages with inappropriate tips, the folks at TK4B decided a proper tool was needed.  Not a “set’ with different disposable tips that get lost and a short small grip, but a tool expressly designed for a quick and positive fit for screw slots on most all of the firearms found on, and around, the line at a SASS match.  Something that fits into any gun-cart and is both handy and adaptable for almost any necessity encountered.  The unique "X" shaped handle provides positive grip and pressure for most of even the tightest screws and the knurled shafts provide a positive grip for ‘speedhandle’efficiency.  The shaft lengths have been calculated to provide not only a positive grip, but plenty of clearance to eliminate accidental scratching of the finish on backstraps, frames and trigger guards.  Not only are the driver tips specially designed and HOLLOW GROUND, (like professional gunsmith sets) but they are also heat-treated and hardened to maximize grip and prevent damage to the screw slots.  

As with all of the “SliX” branded products, one size will not fit all.  The four (4) different hollow ground tips have been designed to fit all of the most common screw slots found on Colt’s clones, Ruger Vaquero’s & Blackhawks, Marlin Rifles and Uberti 1873 & 1866 rifles.  You will have to select the tip best suited for your applications and may have to trim them for a more perfect fit.  The SliX-Driver is not intended to be used as a complete overhaul tool for disassembling new firearms that have traditionally been assembled by ‘Guido’ and his handy over powered air wrench, although it is very handy for removing the soft headed screws after the initial torque-lock has been broken.

The cost of the SliX-Driver is $25.00 plus S & H

Made in the United States of America

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