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This new trigger went in like butter. I was having an issue of the original trigger getting "hung" in the lever during quick runs and this straight trigger completely fixes that glitch! It feels good being ahead of the lever a bit more providing more clearance between the trigger finger and the 3 in the lever.


Dillon Van Cleef


SlixShot Nipples


OK, I have had this Uberti Navy for five years; never have I been able to shoot more than three times without a jam. I've studied everything, tried every cap out there, nothing made the gun more functional. That was until I opened the mail today (two days after I ordered the Slix Shot nipples). The gun did not fail to cycle, every time, without blown caps jamming the mechanism. I am amazed. Before ordering you answered my questions about the ability to continue to use my Cash rachet wrench. Your nipples are the answer to so many like me, who love the old guns and reproductions, but hate not being able to have them shoot dependably without a major investment in tuning. Thank you so much for a fine product and excellent customer service.






Buffalo Wings and I tied for the Oregon State Championship in 2010 because we both used SliXprings products.  Our rifles worked extremely well.  We both were testing a prototype of the SliXprings-Main Hammer Spring and are still using them today.  Great products and easy to install.  I also use the SliXprings-Pin and the Original SliXprings Lever Springs.

- Mid Valley Drifter SASS #35724 Regulator