1849 pocket revolver with cowboy boots and spurs
1851 revolver sitting on bible
1851 revolver with playing cards
1849 pocket revolver laying on top of folded American flag
Cowboy with American flag and Bald Eagle
Colt 1851 navy revolver with a jade and horn dagger
PaleWolf Brunelle Cowboy Action Shooter shooting 1866 rifle

Making Black Powder Great Again

Faster, more dependable firearm upgrades for the Black Powder Enthusiast and Cowboy Action Shooter

Proud Winners of the SASS Wooley Award - Products of the Year 2014

Slixprings... Pronounced "Slick Springs"

Slixprings designs the finest aftermarket gun parts for the Black Powder Enthusiast and Cowboy Action Shooting community.  Our products will dramatically speed up and smooth out your firearm actions, which makes them more reliable.  All Slixprings products are proudly made in the USA from the highest quality engineered materials.

Slixprings was initially started in 2006 and has seen growth every year thanks to our great customer base.  Without you, there is no us.

We welcome you to peruse through our product line of high quality aftermarket firearm parts and accessories.

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Our Current Best Sellers

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